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Mixing ingredients

Layla's Table:

It is important that we understand who we are at our core and honor that we all have unique bio-individual needs. Much like the core of a tree trunk or a thumb print, no two beings are exactly alike. Identifying and aligning with our true nature while holding space for others to do the same, is a crucial part of individual and communal wellness.

Collectively, we can support each other to establish stronger intentions with whole body nourishment. Both on our plate and away from the table, we learn and live the means of fueling our energy whilst finding healthy & joyful ways to fill our cups.

There is a palpable thirst for community, where we can hold space for each other to show up authentically in a safe and welcoming environment; respecting the various journeys that have led us to where we are today.

Layla’s Table is where we come to connect with ourselves, nourish our beings, and engage with others.

We do it for ourselves, we do it for each other, we do it together.


Whole Body Nourishment

Whole Body Nourishment is more than what is on our plates, its who we bring as individuals when we come to the table.

Whole body nourishment is more than understanding our relationship with food, it’s about energizing ourselves in mind, body and spirit in all aspects of our lives. Whole Body Nourishment is incorporating healthy choices and giving attention to all aspects of our being, creating a wheel that rotates and flows together, with proper nourishment to support and fuel it.

The fundamental question we want to address is “what in yourself are you feeding?”

Our hope with Layla’s Table is that one can reframe and reprogram the long-standing narrative of control, fear, judgment or any negative attachments that we may have with how we are feeding our bodies. The hope is to create a stronger relationship with nourishment that is based in awareness, acceptance and appreciation for ones authentic being.

Whole Body Nourishment


I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, extended family member and friend to some stellar beings. I am Iranian-American city-loving girl raised in Los Angeles, CA whose life’s journey has guided me to a bucolic life on an organic orchard/farm in New Hope, PA.

I am nearing my 5th decade around the sun. In that time, all highways, avenues, backroads, and alleyways, have led me to where I stand today.

It has also revealed a pretty clear path that intend to follow moving forward: nourishing and guiding women to find the tools to nourish themselves in light of their own beings and in community with others.

My father, who practiced interventional radiology, was very East meets West in his practice. He fixated on the word disease. He would explain that to get to the root of it, we needed to break down the word itself, revealing that illness stems from the lack of ease in the body.  The mantra by which he raised me: “let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”,  was the bedrock on which he nourished us, using spices, herbs and fresh ingredients that would be our greatest allies in wellness.

His teachings and exposure have been infused into the roots and core of my being and slowly started fruiting.

My own path would take me on adventure spanning a variety of industries. From the corporate world of public relations and online marketing, to a masters degree in education.

As a new mother, I became fascinated with the emphasis and encouragement by Eastern cultures to nourish and nurture the mothers throughout their childbearing journey. Much to my dismay, I learned how little importance Western cultures place on the health and the wellbeing of the mothers during this process. I began to make soups to support and nourish other pre & post natal moms from their pregnancies through the postpartum months.

In the last decade, while we have settled and developed roots at Honey Hollow Farm,  I have combined my love four nourishment and storytelling by offering cooking classes and ghost writing memoirs, to keep my own cup filled while raising my children. In each of these experiences, I have found reflections and glimmers of my being and purpose.

I have found my soul’s home in writing, educating, and guiding others to be and reflect the best versions of themselves, ultimately illuminating the beauty of their own journeys.

Nurturing others with the tools for self and communal nourishment has become a ceremonious experience of inspiring connection & good energy. It is my offering to others.

Over the last decade, I have lost more a fair share of close family members and friends to bodily dis-ease. Most of them died well before their time. The most shocking loss of them all was that of one my nearest and dearest friends, whose life was suddenly taken by mental health illness. Unbeknownst to her loved ones, she was suffering from a stage-four, silent-but-deadly disease, that took her life quickly and much too young. To the world, she presented healthy and in command, internally her mind and body were imploding. Unfortunately, she is not alone. There are many like her suffering from similar imbalances.

It is said that through our wounds we can find our wisdom. It behooves us, if not is incumbent on us to root for, connect and guide one another to nourish and nurture our beings. As a dedication to my beloved friend, our daughters and the collective of women who surround us, it has become clear that women struggling with mind & body imbalances, need support and guidance, thus giving birth to Layla’s Table.

Layla’s Table Specialized Mind-Body Issues:

Anxiety, Stress & Energetic Depletion

Gut Health

Women & Hormone Health

Pre & PostNatal Wellness

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