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Eat Your Colors

It’s a term often used to encourage people to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible, given the array of vitamins and nutrients.

Growing up with my Iranian family in the 80s my parents were extreme fresh produce pushers. They generally frowned upon anything that came in a box. I would roll my eyes in annoyance every time we had to stop at the produce stand on the side of the road. How I wished they could be like all my friends’ parents. I had such food envy of the colorful delicacies, like lucky charms and fruit loops, that their parents let them eat. While my friends at Rice Krispie treats, we ate dates, figs, pomegranates and persimmons for dessert. All their influences were lost on me. I vowed things would be different when I had my own kids.

Fast forward to now, where but my bow clearly fell flat. Although my love for Rice Krispie treats will never die, I appreciate how fortunate I was to be exposed to healthy nutrition so young. Unfortunately not everyone has been encouraged to “eat their colors” from a young age. Processed foods high in sugar and artificial flavoring continue to dominate our supermarkets, kitchens and school cafeterias.

I do find glimmers of hope and gratitude witnessing all the local farms , CSAs and home growers on the rise sharing their appreciation of growing fresh fruits and vegetables. It gives me comfort that, perhaps, if enough of us steer the wheel, the battle ship will gradually change its course and revert to the ways of our ancestors, eating predominantly what we gather and grow.

We invite you to join us at Honey Hollow Farm for one of our classes, workshops or retreats and together we can explore and experience the value in nourishing ourselves with all colors of the rainbow.


Layla hopes to guide and support individuals to becoming happier and healthier versions of themselves by exploring their connections with self, nourishment and whole body alignment.

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