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Lifestyle Recalibration: The Perfect Reset Routine

We’re settling into a new season. The weather is getting cooler. Our surroundings are shifting. With all these transitions, we often get swept up in all the commotion without being mindful. More often than not, we are operating on autopilot and we have hit the mute button on what our minds and bodies are experiencing. Seasonal shifts are the perfect opportunity to tune in and turn up the volume on what our bodies and lifestyles are trying to tell us.

How are we feeling? What are we carrying with us that no longer serve us? What do we want to invite more of into our lives? Are we expending our energies in intentional and positive ways?

At times the feeling of overwhelm creeps over us like a dark cloud and can easily settle there. This is when we remind ourselves to reset with a routine to feel more grounded.

Below is my idea of a great reset routine that can work for you too:

Set an Intention

When I get started with my reset routine, I like to set an intention. Creating intentions is an opportunity for self-illumination, allowing me to understand where I am and where I would like to proceed on my journey of personal growth.

Focus Within

Part of a good reset routine is taking time to focus and retreat within. Do this in a way that speaks to you, either on your own or in the company /with the support of others. You may find this with meditation, spiritual connection, writing, or communing with others.

Create Sacred Space in Your Home

You want to have spaces where you can go to be alone for some quiet or creative time. Designing and dedicating somewhere as your own sacred space is key. Make sure you have a clean, uncluttered and well-decorated place in your home that resonates with you. The space should be somewhere with minimal stimulation and distractions.

Ground Yourself

Ground yourself in the elements by spending time out in nature! One of the best ways to ground yourself is to sink your feet into the earth, spend time near water, or just enjoy the outdoors. Taking a few moments to be present outdoors and allowing your senses to engage with your surroundings is a meditative experience. The best time to make connection with the sun is first thing in the morning. The connection of our eyes and skin with the sunlight sets the mode for positive beginnings to our day.

Focus on Breathing

As part of your meditative and mindful practices in your reset routine, take time to just focus on your breath, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed. Breathing deeply and focusing on your breath is a type has great benefits like helping to calm your nervous system. Daily breathing practices can also help if you deal with panic and anxiety. A great way to enhance your experience is by using essential oils. Some of my favorites are patchouli, citrus, lavender, mint, rose, eucalyptus, sandalwood, and frankincense.

Practice Mindful Movement

Not everyone likes to go to the gym for a challenging workout, but practicing mindful movement is a great way to get your body feeling great. The practice of yoga or walking can be great for your mental health while having amazing short and long-term benefits for your body as well.

Re-Evaluate Yourself

Take time to re-evaluate yourself. What is making you feel heavy or negative energetically? Don’t chase any of these feelings away. Instead, sit with the negative feelings and try to understand what message they’re trying to deliver to you. Allow these messages to come in as guests. Greet them, hear them, but do not allow them to overstay their welcome. They are not residents of your being. Once you have acknowledged them and understood why they are there, you can use this information to move forward mindfully and keep in line with your intentions.

Establish What Would Make You Feel Joy More

What in life would make you feel more joy and positive emotions? Is it something about your relationships, work, finances, exercise, food, or rest? Establish what is going to make you feel more upbeat energetically.

Instead of focusing on the negative, try to invite in the positive vibrations.

Create Happy Habits

Take the things you decided would make you happier, and start creating joy-based habits around them. Start little by little. Maybe this week you start spending more time with family and next week you work on incorporating more greens into your diet. Give yourself grace, and start small.

Let Go of What No Longer Serves You

When you invite what you want into your life, you crowd out the aspects in life that no longer serve you. Let go of everything that no longer serves you, and enjoy the positive aspects of your life.

Cleanse and Detox Your Body with Healthy Habits

Focus on detoxing and cleansing your system by drinking water, or even lemon or mint water if you want a little hint of flavor. Herbal teas and clean whole foods can also help you remove eliminate toxins and have many health benefits.

Make Space for Silence and Rest

Allow yourself to recuperate. Take time and space for silence and rest. Rest and sleep is an integral part of wellness. It feeds into the cycle of what we feed ourselves when we arrive to the table.

Sweat It Out–Literally

Sweat it out! Do some challenging but fun exercise or try a relaxing sauna. These are great ways to give your body some love, cleanse, detox, restoration and relaxation. Embrace your glistening self.

Trust the Journey

Have faith. By tapping in, embracing our true nature, being authentic and intentional in our relationships, with others and ourselves, we will find alignment with our purpose. When we are aligned with our purpose the magic starts to happen and the universe conspires to reveal a path towards our greater good.

If you’re looking for a great place to destress, reset, and retreat, join us at Honey Hollow Farm. Contact us today for an experience you’ll hold in your heart forever.


Layla hopes to guide and support individuals to becoming happier and healthier versions of themselves by exploring their connections with self, nourishment and whole body alignment.

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