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1-on-1 Sessions

The Table

Nourish & Gather

Join the table as you are and leave feeling more aware and aligned with your true feminine nature and being. Feel empowered to nurture a connection with yourself and your community.

  • The table is where we come to fill our cups and feed our souls.
  • Embrace who you are, the bio individuality you bring to the table and the value you will contribute to the pot.
  • Together we will tap into an understanding of what we are feeding within ourselves and get better acquainted with our relationship with nourishment, as it is on our plates and away from the table, in our day-to-day lives.
  • Leave the table feeling more aware and aligned with your true nature and more empowered to nurture the connection with yourself and with others.

ABOUT Nourish & Gather Circles

In previous generations our foremothers would gather, sometimes in the kitchen where they would shell peas, chop herbs and connect with each other. They built what was an informal but extremely sacred community of women. Having this community is what helped them navigate through the minor and major events in their daily lives. We have lost sight and touch with that sense of community.

As women we carry so much weight energetically trying to be mothers, spouses, partners, employees, business owners, siblings, friends and children to our aging parents. More often than not, in our fixation on others we marginalize ourselves and remove the value of our wellbeing from the equation. We overlook the importance of wearing our own oxygen masks and don’t realize the value of it until we are gasping for air. Unfortunately by that point our wellbeing at a point of deterioration.

Nourish & Gather Circles are for any woman who wants to be a healthier and happier version of herself, not only as an act of self love, but collective care.

Nourish Cooking Circles are more than just a cooking class, it’s where cooking intersects with community, therapy and meditation creating a mosaic of flavors, feelings and experiences.

It’s an opportunity to reevaluate, recharge and reset ourselves.

Whether you are looking to improve your cooking skills, have a better pulse on what foods to eat when, learn new recipes, not want to cook alone, or are looking for a space to connect with others, NOURISH COOKING CIRCLE is the place for you.

Table filled with healthy food

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